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The Revolution That Changed "Linden Sea" waters for ever! Dull No More! Real Coral Reefs Imaginary, New Script. Experience the Visualization of Paradise!
Off-sim reefs
The New Generation of our Off-Sim with waves, in amazing beauty and amazing low prim! Based in aerial photos of real atoll, simply because nature is the best artist!
Romantic Composition
Our very latest off-sim work. Romantic composition of rocks and many different plants and flowers. Prims total? ...just 2! Unreal Prim Magic by Real Prims! :)
New Mediterranean Waves
Our Brand New Version 3 is Here! Just released, and comes with AMAZING realism and beauty. A New Generation, redefining Real Waves standards!
New Oceanic Waves
Part of our latest Waves 2010 Collection the New oceanic waves models Aegean, Off Sim, Reef Waves come loaded with multi textures and true realism!


that made a difference

Prim Magic
Ik0NoS, Natural Flow
and more :)


the original
real waves

The ultra-realistic
alive waves
that changed sea!


for a (second)
lifetime !

Real, stands for
Not just good
Welcome To RealPrims
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Real waves

Still photography and video, cannot fully describe any 3D product, especially when it comes with interactive scripted functionality and animation, color or other characteristics that changes in time.
Our small videos will give you just a hint of what "does it look like" in 3D viewer

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